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Training & Development


We strive to enhance our People's knowledge and skills with high-quality, accessible training and professional development opportunities to support FSC’s vision of becoming the employer of choice.

We are dedicated to supporting our different Business Units and being a strategic partner to help other departments meet their objectives. As a result of these partnerships, our professional development opportunities create a FSC workplace that is efficient, effective, and a good steward of resources.

Our Approach

We work to achieve our mission by:

  1. Providing organizational diagnosis, support, expertise, advice and information that enable employees and departments to make informed decisions about how best to develop their knowledge, skills, competence and capability

  2. Challenging assumptions and constraints, and creating new and improved options for the delivery of    organizational and staff development initiatives that will underpin FSC's success.

  3. Putting in place partnerships and providing a supporting infrastructure that ensures effective use of all  in-house training and development resources, ensuring the optimum impact on individual, team and organizational performance.

  4. Evaluating our contribution to FSC's overall vision and strategic direction.

  5. Delivering cost effective services without compromising on quality.

Why Is FSC A Great Place To Work?



We support and endorse the importance of the Apprenticeship Scheme towards rehabilitating the skills sector in Fiji and for future sustainability of our Industry.

Placements for the FSC Apprenticeship Program are up for grabs in December every year. FSC also engages in Careers Expo and maintains strong partnerships with the local universities to leverage our Apprenticeship scheme and increase outreach of this program. The apprenticeship intake is from December to February.


Fiji Sugar Corporation offers traineeships from time to time in all the areas of administration. These traineeships are coordinated and supported by our Training Centre.


Job Opportunities

The Fiji Sugar Corporation is dedicated to making the purest sugar in the world and is always looking for people to join the team. The company provides excellent opportunities across a number of fields for talented people to build a long-term career. Current vacancies are listed below.

Currently No Vacancies Available

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